Coaching Digital Innovation in Further and Higher Education

I offer a distinct service to leaders wanting to boost innovation in their organisation, delight their students, encourage their staff and embrace the opportunities the digital world presents.  I work across academic and

Using simple tools – like Wants and Offers and What’s Working that we can do More Of – I gently encourage colleagues to recognize that they already have access to far more innovative tools and practices than they thought.

Challenging fears together, insights flourish around what is possible and we establish powerful agreements for clear-sighted, sustainable action.

Here’s an example – a group of colleges coming together to identify a common digital platform, still with no decision and pressure to choose between three commercial options:

I offered a one day workshop, ensuring the decision makers, key users AND all implementers  present.   We started with the agreement to reach a decision while also listening to each of the perspectives round the table.

Despite protest that we should discuss the merits of the three options, we drew pictures, shared experiences, spoke of our ideal outcomes.

By mid afternoon we still had no solution – then  a breakthrough.

Each of the proprietary systems on offer limited customisation and future development – they would disempower the in house staff to implement according to the different needs of the colleges coming together.

This insight led quickly to proposing a new, open source solution that all the different in house teams would be happy to work on and make it fit the needs of curriculum, academics and students, and of course, managers.

The senior managers around the table agreed to support this wholeheartedly.     The shared project was launched.

They said:

“We really are indebted to you. The outcomes of the process exceeded expectations and provide a fantastic launch pad for the project.  Those were achieved through your excellent management of the sessions and your encouragement of participants to engage, arrive at shared conclusions, and to make decisions”.   




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